Permits and Public Liability Insurance

Trader Information / Expression of Interest

Some events offers traders an opportunity to participate in and, including market stalls, food vending.  There are often extended trading permits required by existing South Waikato traders.  Phone the South Waikato District Council if you require a temporary liquor licenses or permit for your event.

Other possible permit requirements

There are a range of other permits and issues that will need to be considered by your event committee, particularly if your event is large and outdoor.   Listed below are the issues / permit types and the appropriate contact within Council:

Signage – temporary signage is not to be erected without prior approval from Council.  Contact Traffic Management Group.

Parking & traffic – will you require road closure and traffic management plan (TMP), contact Traffic Management Group.

Liquor & Licensing – contact Environmental Health Officer.

Public Liability Insurance

Insurance – Why do you need it?  One of the major risks faced by any organisation is its exposure if someone gets hurt.  An organisation is liable when it is found to have breached a requirement by acting improperly or not acting.  Financial penalties may attach to the liability.

It is prudent to seek out insurance coverage to suit your particular needs as even the most well-planned and effective organisation cannot foresee and prevent all accidents and incidents.  These situations may leave event organisers, members, directors, and individuals personally liable for actions in cases where negligence can be proven.

Insurance cover is the encompassing component to complement a risk management plan for an event, its attendees, staff and event organisers.  A thorough and rigorous process of assessment and procedures can minimize potential claims.  This includes an honest assessment of the required insurance cover to suit the specific event.

What does public liability insurance cover?  A public liability insurance policy is necessary for an organisation to protect itself against negligent claims made by a third party in respect of bodily injury or property damage arising out of the operation of the organisation’s business, injuries may arise from things like workplace hazards or, a special event.  Even if your organisation has public liability it may be worth checking if your event is actually covered by your policy.