Managing Event Volunteers

Some organisations may already have a Volunteer Policy in place.  Managing volunteers for events is different in that volunteers are usually required short term as opposed to the long term commitment you may already have from other volunteers within your organisation.

A thorough assessment of the number of volunteers required, the commitment in terms of time and the type of tasks they will be undertaking, is required.

If you find that your require a number of new or additional volunteers to assist with the planning and preparation of the event and to be present at the event, then a Volunteer Coordinator may need to be appointed

A Volunteer Coordinator works like a Human Resources Manager.  They will need to:

  • Create job descriptions
  • Recruit, select and place all volunteers
  • Keep records of all volunteers
  • Provide necessary and appropriate orientation to your organisation and the event
  • Ensure there is a an understanding of relevant issues such as orientation & training , uniforms, attendance and rosters, out of pocket expenses, transport issues, health and safety, insurance, food and drinks, rest breaks, complaints and grievances.
  • Conduct a Volunteer Debriefing following the event
  • Ensure there is formal volunteer recognition throughout the event and post event.


A volunteer’s recruitment tool can be found on this website under the “Volunteers” section and adverts can be placed by any South Waikato Not-for-profit organisation. Just fill in the online form available.