Lotteries Funding - Community Development Grants

The Lottery Grants Board distributes profits from New Zealand Lotteries Commission to the community. The administration of local community lottery grants is undertaken by the Regional Community Development Group offices.

To be eligible to apply for funding from the Lottery Grants Board ensure you:

  • Are a not-for-profit organisation
  • Are not applying for sports equipment
  • Are not applying for an arts programme

The Lottery Grants Board distributes funding through a series of distribution committees that consider applications for grants in the following areas:

Lottery Community – Regional and National Committees

This now combines Lottery General, Seniors, Welfare and Youth grants. Grants are for projects that encourage or enable community self-reliance, capacity building and stability, or opportunities for social, civil or cultural participation and reducing or overcoming barriers to such participation. You can now apply online at

Lottery Environment and Heritage

 To promote, protect and conserve New Zealand’s natural, physical and cultural heritage.

Lottery Health Research

For research into the cause, prevention and treatment of disorders affecting the health of New Zealanders.  For information and Closing Dates email:

Marae Heritage and Facilities

To assist with capital costs of the conservation, restoration and development of marae facilities, particularly wharenui, wharekai and wharepaku facilities. 

Lottery Outdoor Safety

Dedicated funding for all outdoor safety activities. Distributes funds to major safety groups, their affiliates and branches.  You can apply online at .

Lottery Pacific Provider Development

For Pacific groups corporate governance, financial management and general business management skills.

Lottery Welfare Individuals with Disabilities

For people with mobility and communication related disabilities for the purchase of vehicles, mobility and communication equipment.  Applications are considered at various times during the year.  Once an application is lodged a decision should be available within 6-15 weeks.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

For individuals or groups for community projects that do not fit any of the above committees.  Includes overseas travel for educational or cultural exchanges, volunteer fire fighting, animal welfare, art and sports projects. Application forms online at under Lotteries.


For all enquiries, information sheets, Closing Dates and application forms contact:
Denise Corlett
Community Development Group -Department of Internal Affairs
Level 2, 410 Victoria Street Hamilton 3200
P O Box 19 230, Hamilton 3244 
Ph. 07 839 9960,  or visit their website:


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