Identifing Event Tasks and Responsibilities

Main tasks for the event must be identified, and individuals in the event committee appointed against each task.  You may also like to assign milestones to particular tasks that will help the event coordinator monitor the progress of the event and catch possible trouble spots.

You may chose to assign particular event committee members to one or more tasks, dependent on their availability to assist and their particular skills and expertise.  The tasks and actions listed below are not necessarily definitive and there may be cross over or interdependencies that you will need to consider.  Some tasks may require a team of people to ensure their completion so there may be a need for subcommittees to be formed around a particular task.

Take into consideration all the resource requirements to complete each task and ensure you have allocated enough time, money and people (be they paid staff or volunteers) to complete each task.

Listed below are possible tasks for your event and possible associated responsibilities or considerations for each task.  You may not need to provide all of the items listed below but they still need to be considered in the context of your event.


  • How long should the event run for?
  • Do you need to produce a programme for your event?
  • Do you need an MC – if so, who would be appropriate?
  • Is entertainment required / appropriate, what sort of entertainment is appropriate, can you afford to provide entertainment?
  • Should you leave time for networking?
  • Gifts or acknowledgement for presenters or entertainment
  • Bump in and bump out – who’s going to set up your event and who’s going to do the clean up?
  • Will you sell tickets, who’s doing ticket sales, how much?
  • Equipment requirements for entertainers
  • Parking for VIP’s Sponsors and entertainers
  • Do you need to provide transport?


Facilities and equipment

  • Where will you hold your event, how big / small will the venue / location need to be?
  • Will it be indoors, outdoors or both?
  • If an outdoor activity, will you need to ensure there is adequate shade from the sun or from possible rain?
  • If outdoors, do you need power?
  • Site decorations?
  • Traffic management and reserved parking?
  • Site layout, what will the floor plan look like?
  • Waste management, are there adequate toilets for the number of people attending, clean up of the site, are there enough bins?
  • What equipment do you need for the event e.g. microphones and amplifier tent, podium, audio visual etc?
  • Seating requirements, particularly for elderly?
  • Parking & public transport, how will people get there?
  • Will you require overnight security if it is an event that runs for more than one day to look after equipment?
  • Will you require security on the day of the event?  Do you require any Council Permits for your event?
  • Will you require St John Ambulance to be there?
  • Does the facility have Disability Access?
  • Do you require a permit, do you need to let the police or the Council know you are conducting an event, do you require street closure etc?
  • Will you need to provide childcare, is there space for that?
  • Will you need baby change rooms / parent’s rooms?


Promotion / Marketing

  • Do you need to advertise your event more broadly than your organisation?  If so how will you do it?
  • Do you want to have a consistent look and feel to your event?
  • Do you want the media at your event?
  • Do you require media prior to the event, on the day, post the event or all of the above?
  • How ‘fancy’ do the invitations / programmes etc need to be?  Should you use a graphic designer,?  Do you have the resources to get professional graphic artist?
  • Do you want to consider selling merchandise e.g. t-shirts, badges etc?
  • Invitations, who gets invited, who do you want to attend, VIP’s special guests?
  • Don’t forget to include an RSVP on invitation
  • Aim to have invitation out at least 2 weeks prior to event
  • Do you require a plaque / certificate to acknowledge an opening or launch?
  • Do you require a photographer / someone to video tape?



  • Do you provide catering for this event?
  • Do you provided a full meal or finger food?
  • Will you have to hire crockery and cutlery if you’re providing catering?
  • Is it appropriate to have alcohol?
  • Vegetarian’s special dietary requirements
  • Will you require catering staff to serve?
  • Will you require a kitchen?


Finance / budget

  • Assign a person to take responsibility for the budget
  • Details on budget elsewhere in this guide
  • Ensure all committee members that are responsible for tasks are aware of their budgets
  • Ticket sales, how much?
  • Sponsorship – can you get some form of sponsorship?
  • Ensure people keep receipts


Insurance / Risk Management / Contingency plans

  • Do you have / require public liability insurance?
  • Does your public liability cover you for this event?
  • Do you need to do a risk assessment for this event (information on risk assessment later in this guide?)
  • Do you have contingency plans if things go wrong?


Volunteer Management

  • Will you require extra volunteers above and beyond the event committee both in preparation for the event and on the day?
  • If so, how will you recruit volunteers?
  • Ensure your insurance policy cover volunteers
  • How will you recognise and thank them?


Developing a Task List

It may be useful to prepare a task list for each task or job that outlines project timelines and the people responsible for tasks.  At this early stage it is very important to be clear about what your expectations are of each committee member to ensure that both tasks and actions are completed in both a timely and effective manner.

The task list can be developed by the event coordinator in conjunction with the appropriate event committee member or the whole committee.  An example below:

Task:  Prepare event programme




Resources required

Finalise event programme

John & committee

Finalise 6 weeks prior to event


Obtain quote from designer and printers

John & Printers

5 weeks prior to event

Time required 3 hours

Get sign off on quotes and design

John & committee

4 weeks prior to event

250 invitations (50 spare) budget of $500

Printing of invitation

John & printers

Final copy to printers 3 weeks prior to event

1 hour

Distribution of invitations


Mailed out 2 weeks prior to event

2 volunteers x 2 hours for mail out
Postage & envelopes 200 x 60 cents = $120

When creating task lists keep the following points in mind:

  • Set realistic dates, times and deadlines
  • Don’t forget to assign the number of people required to complete the action
  • Be aware of interdependency of tasks
  • Take into account possible delays
  • Consult with committee members and other interested parties for input
  • If there are delays or problems with your tasks, do let the appropriate people know, they may be able to help