Gaming Machine Grants

Gaming Machine Grants are a significant source of funding for community, sports, leisure and recreational groups.  Your group must be a non-profit organisation that provides benefits to your community.

You can apply for funding at any time

Premises such as hotels, taverns and chartered clubs are members of different charitable trusts and foundations who are required by law to donate a per cent of the gaming machine proceeds to community groups and organisations. For further information, or to view criteria or Purpose of Funds, check the Internal Affairs website then go to ‘gambling’ - ‘funding for community groups’ - ‘Waikato’ area.

How your group can access gaming machine funds

  • Where a website is listed below, go there first as all the information including Application Forms and Criteria are available.  Alternatively pick up an application form from your local hotel, bar or tavern.  You don’t have to use the machines to get an application form. 
  • Return the form to the Trust’s address; do not return any application information to the site where you collected the form.
  • If all the requested information has been provided to the Trust you should hear within a month to 6 weeks of your application.
  • No GST component will be included in any successful grants.

Hints when applying for gaming machine funds

  • Be prepared if you think you intend to seek gaming trust funding support.  Many trusts will want to see your intention to seek funding as a ‘motion’ in your group’s minutes of meetings, and you will be asked to supply a copy of your minutes with the application.  It’s easier to ensure this intention is recorded before you start applying, rather than later.
  • Always advise, if requested, of other gaming trusts you are approaching for funding.  The trusts share a central database and may confer to decide who best can assist you.
  • It’s important your application is clear, complete and accurate – the trusts receive many more applications than they can fund. Don’t have your application declined because of poorly presented or incomplete information.
  • Only one application per Trust can be submitted at each monthly funding round.  However you can apply to several Trusts at the same time for the same purpose.

Gaming Trusts: South Waikato Gaming Machine Sites

Pub Charity

PO Box 27-009                          Oxford Royal Hotel - 8 Main Rd, Tirau
Freepost 956                            Putaruru Hotel - 79 Princes St, Putaruru
Ph: 0800 426 464


The Southern Trust

PO Box 858                              
Ph: (0800) 424 274

Trillian Trust

PO Box 12 245                               
Penrose, Auckland 
Ph: (09) 579 1428

Producers Trust

PO Box 809                              
Ph: (09) 965 3197

Grassroots Trust

PO Box 1131                              Hog and Hound Sports Bar - 57-61 Tirau Street, Putaruru 
Ph: (0800) 957 960


Pockets 8 Ball Club Inc

PO Box 134                              Pockets 8 Ball Club – 38 Bridge Street, Tokoroa
Own their machines on site.
Apply directly to them.
Restricted funding.

Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club

PO Box 285                              Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club - 275 Balmoral Drive, Tokoroa
Ph:  (07)886 4066
Own their machines on site.
Apply directly to them.
Restricted funding.

Tokoroa Club Incorporated

Ph: (07) 886 5139Tokoroa Club Incorporated - Chambers St, Tokoroa
PO Box 53
Own their machines on site.
Apply directly to them.
Restricted funding.

SkyCity Hamilton Community Trust

Purpose of Fund

The objective of the SkyCity Hamilton Community Trust is to assist organisations carrying out community assistance and development work that benefits the people of the Waikato region. This includes projects that: provide care, support and educational programmes; promote tourism and training for tourism; promote arts and culture.

Closing Dates

Applications for the 2013 funding round open in June and must be received by the 27 September
How to Apply

Obtain an application form from:   
The Secretary
SKYCITY Hamilton Community Trust
P O Box 954
Phone 0800 SKY CITY (759 2489) 
Fax: 07 834 4901

Or download an application form or apply online from their website: