Community Resource Tool Kit

'Everything you need to know about running a successful organisation and more'.   This tool kit will give you information and ideas you will need for your organisation, from start up and information technology to fundraising and employing staff.  Below you will find a brief content description for each section, simply click on the link to view helpful advice and details.

Getting Started   Community groups go through stages of development. Many remain small and volunteer-based while others develop quickly into large and organisationally sophisticated groups. It can begin with one person or a small group, passionate about a particular issue and wanting to do something.

Planning   Be clear about whether you are achieving your goals or not, be credible to others outside the organisation, identify difficulties that can then be avoided, Planning can be simple or detailed, depending on the size and purpose of your group. Good planning enables you to clearly describe to people outside the group your intentions, goals and progress.

Organisational Structure   This section provides some basic guidance and tips on a range of topics related to organisational structures for community groups.

Governance   Good governance is crucial for a community organisation because it enables the group to steer towards its goals while making sure it is managed on day-to-day basis with these objectives in mind.

Policies   Are the guiding principles by which an organisation is run. They set out a group’s  core values and principles, and the processes by which the group operates.
Records   Keeping good records helps you manage your organisation effectively and efficiently, and helps you make sound decisions. Deciding how to keep and maintain records, and who has access to them, is important if an organisation is to function well.
Raising Funds   At some point, nearly every community organisation will need to raise money to be able to continue its work in the community or to carry out a special project. Raising funds, like most activities, is easier if you have a clear idea of what you need to do and how you'll do it.
Employment   Many organisations start out with a core group of volunteers and then begin to employ paid workers as activities increase, needs grow or resources emerge, but 90 per cent of community groups rely entirely on volunteers.
Information Technology   Computers and other information technology (IT) can be a powerful tool for community and voluntary organisations if it’s understood and used correctly. However, using IT can be daunting for those who are not familiar with it.