Community Group Mentor Programme

The Community Group Mentor Programme has been designed to encourage and support the growth of community ‘not-for-profit-organisations’, the new Community Group Mentor Programme is aimed at bringing experienced individuals in contact with community groups in a supportive and advisory role. 
The South Waikato District Council has partnered with Business Mentors NZ and the Business Development Centre (Hamilton) to undertake a “matchmaker” role to bring together suitable groups and individuals. 

Information will be provided to enable new mentors to understand their role and what is required of them. Enquiries are warmly encouraged from interested individuals who are able to commit a small amount of time to support their local community.

What is a Mentor and what do they do?

A Mentor is …

  • A guide
  • An experienced individual who has the time to assist others
  • Sympathetic to the needs of the group
  • A good communicator
  • More importantly, they are excellent listeners
  • Have knowledge of the area that is involved and can suggest alternatives when appropriate
  • Assists groups to maximise their opportunities
  • Can widen the networks of contacts for their group or organisation
  • Non-judgmental
  • Offers new ideas
  • Helps build confidence within the group
  • Encourages professional behaviour
  • Provides examples and wise counsel
  • Inspires those they are helping
  • Motivates the group and its members
  • Recognises when their help is needed and when it is not
  • Keeps themselves informed of new developments that are relevant to the group
  • Is flexible and adaptable
  • Is a positive support
  • Does not assume that “they know all”
  • Is alert to the needs of the group and its members
  • Has a sense of humour
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Helps the group learn
  • Encourages the group to work through its own problems
  • Is not a rescuer

Who can be a Mentor?

  • Any experienced person who has concern for others in their community
  • Someone who has time available to give
  • Someone who can give specialist advice
  • Someone who can give generalised information and support
  • An individual who meets the criteria listed above
  • Is happy to help on a voluntary basis

For further information please contact Moetu Togia, Community Development Coordinator on (07) 885 0776 or email Moetu.