Choosing the Location of the Event/Possible Venues

The location of your event is crucial.  The type of event you plan to conduct and the number of people that will attend will obviously influence the location.  Listed below are South Waikato Dsitrict Councils halls for hire.  For more venues try contacting schools, churches, theatres, motels etc directly to enquire about the possible hiring of their facilities.  

Council Halls for Hire as at May 2013



Contact Number
Tirau Hall
The Dog
(Tirau info Centre)
07 883 1202
Tapapa Hall
Sheryl Watkins
021 039 3703
07 883 4801
Arapuni Hall
Kim Spencer
07 883 5830
Lichfield Hall
Lichfield School
07 883 6816
Waotu Hall
Stan Wilson
07 883 2861
Puketurua Hall
Judith Bennett
07 883 5630
Upper Atiamuri Hall
Karen Forlong
07 333 2044


Ground Hire

The South Waikato District Council manages a number of public spaces.  Some are home to a number of clubs over both the summer and winter seasons.  These areas are available for hire for small groups, clubs and organisations.  There may be a minimal charge or bond.  To book or discuss reservations you can contact Greg Shaw, South Waikato South Waikato District Council to use the Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground on
07 885 0729 Parks and Reserves

To book any parks and reserves in the South Waikato contact Greg Shaw , South Waikato District Council 07 885 0729. Another resource available from Council is the “Working Safely in Public Spaces” brochure that may be of use when utilising parks and reserves for your events.