Funding Information Service

The Funding Information Service is New Zealand’s primary source of information about funding sources for voluntary organisations and individuals in the community. Funding information is collected from 650 different funder organisations and placed into several funding information databases.


FundView is a computer database of information about sources of funding for community groups, compiled by Funding Information Services (contact details below).

The user is able to search the database with specific details of their project.  The database lists all funding agencies that fit that criteria and gives information on Closing Dates, funds available and How to Apply.  This allows groups to apply to the funding organisations that are most likely to consider their application.

Access to FundView is free.  FundView is updated as funders update their pages on-line with new information.

FundViewFundView Access is now available to approved Community Connect members.  Access the FundView Database here.


BreakOut is another database compiled by Funding Information Service, specifically for individuals/students wanting information on awards, scholarships and grants to assist with studies.  While this database does not have an access point in the South Waikato District, it is available to use free at the Hamilton City Library, Garden Place on the 3rd Floor, via their Freenet terminals in the Information and Heritage section.  You will have to pay a charge for any printouts you require.

BreakOutBreakOut Access is now available to approved Community Connect members.  Access the BreakOut Database here.

Sports Funding

Funding Information Service has a sports funding database accessible through the SPARC website:   


For more information about the services contact:

The Manager
Funding Information Services
P O Box 1521
Ph: (04) 471-8900
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